About The Oracle

Why is divination relevant? Because we seek insights into ourselves and our situations in order to make optimal choices. It is true that especially in times of uncertainty about the future, such as is humanity’s current situation, people turn to oracles, seers and diviners to lift the obscuring veils. To fill this definite human need, why not have a system of divination that is beyond trite prophecies? A system that is a map of potential and gives real possibilities for transformation.

True learning is intimately connected with what one passionately desires to know. And what is there that one passionately desires to know more about than oneself – especially the unknown or unseen parts. Divinatory systems are designed as a series of self-reflectors.

This is not a game as such, but a way of interacting with our game of life and giving us the opportunity to stand in the center of our own mandala of being.

The oracle is the perfect way for the evolutionary principle of the Divine Feminine to communicate directly with each individual. It is the Goddess who gets to choose you through her laws of chance. We all contain the potential of all aspects of Self, but there is more affinity with particular archetypes and certain energies at specific times. The beauty of an oracle system is that it allows the Goddess/Dakini to choose which of her forms is most suitable to initiate you into to evolve at  this moment. By using divinatory methods, we step outside of our logical brain and allow the Universe to deliver just the message you need when you need it

Description and History.

I have been working with this system now for 30 years. In 1977 I co-wrote and designed The Secret Dakini Oracle, which was published by US Games and Systems. The accompanying book to the set of cards was published by Destiny Books/Inner Traditions. It was re-published as a boxed set of book and cards in 2003 as The Tantric Dakini Oracle by Destiny Books, Vermont. In this work, based on the cycle of 64 Yoginis, we made correspondences with the Tarot. The 64 Dakini Oracle fully personifies each energy as a Dakini and is a system in its own right.

The 64 Dakini Oracle is based on the ancient Tantric Temple system of the 64 Yogini Temples that flourished in India in the 9th - 10th centuries. It is said that the ‘Yogini Cult’ arose around the 6 - 7th centuries AD. Resembling the classic image of a spaceship, the Yogini/Dakini temples were circular open enclosures. 64 niches around the inner circumference housed 64 forms of Goddess energy as surreal female figures.  All Yoginis were worshipped collectively and individually, each one enshrined in her special position in a circular temple open to the sky.

They were often erected in remote places, on hilltops. These temples were built by Tantricas, specifically those dedicated to the worship of Shakti, the Divine Feminine energy. Adepts came to the temples in order to perform rites to attain certain powers that each Yogini represented access to. These rites were secret and sometimes included sacred sexual union (maithuna) for the devotees. The temple relates to the chakra (energy vortex or wheel) at the solar plexus of the subtle body of Tantra, which is envisioned as having 64 flames and is seen as the transformation center of the subtle body. As such rites referred to as ‘chakra puja’ (worship), ‘Yogini chakra’ and was seen as a yantra (mystic diagram).  In the center was often a shrine dedicated to Shiva, Hindu God of Transcendence.

                               Yogini Temple at Ranipur-Jharial, Orissa, India

What is a Yogini? In one definition a Yogini is a female practitioner of yoga. In Hindu and Buddhist texts the term is used to refer to a female initiate, shaman, wisdom seer, sorceress or alchemist. Through their practice of Yoga (the pursuit of divine union through mental and physical disciplines and practices) they may have attained certain supernatural powers (siddhis).  In this context, as the Yoginis appear in the 64 Yogini temples, they are all emanations, aspects of Devi, the Great Goddess. They embody various specific qualities and functions. They all have their own attributes and sometimes vehicles. Some say that they each represent a part of the Great Goddess’s body, while others describe them as her attendants.

The origins of the temples and the ‘Yogini Cult’ are shrouded in mystery. In Hindu cosmology that has been related to these cycles of Yoginis, they are said to have arisen when the Goddess Durga was battling the asuras (demons/lower inhumane forces). Eight Yoginis were said to emanate from her to help her. These eight are said to be the origin of the 64.

In a tradition which is related, there are 8 major forms of Devi, the Goddess. These are known as the Ashta Matrikas (8 Mothers). Each of these has 8 attendants and so we arrive at the number, 64. The names of the Matrikas often occur in the cycle of Yoginis and are intimately connected with the iconography of most of the temples.

It is believed that the animistic and folk traditions of the local people who worshipped female nature deities were blended with the cult of Shakti (those who worship the deity in her female form) and Tantrism.

When I first saw photos of these Temples in the mid seventies, I was fascinated and inspired by them. The forms of the Goddess as Yoginis was entrancing. Naked and
adorned, they often had animal or bird heads, some had many arms, and they all had their particular vehicles, symbols and attributes. I knew I wanted to make a contemporary version of these temples that spoke so deeply to me.

Why ‘Dakinis’

I decided on the name Dakini instead of Yogini because I felt that people would have a more limited association with Yogini, thinking it was about yoga positions. Yogini here has a much broader context, but I also chose ‘Dakini’ as their role in the pantheon of Divine Beings is to help all sentient beings to achieve liberation through self realization. Dakinis are manifestations of the energy field of the Goddess and represent facets of Goddess consciousness.

What is a Dakini? They are most prominently featured in the teachings of Tantric Buddhism and they are also part of the Hindu spiritual pantheon. Their name translates as ‘Sky Flier’ and they are known to travel between the realms. They are one of the most accessible classes of Divine Entities.

Dakinis are embodiments of feminine wisdom principles. They are female enlighteners, interdimensional shapeshifters, messengers surfing the waves of consciousness to awaken all beings to their innate potential. They are akin to the principle of Shakti, which in the Indian system represents the active force, the power which is the energy behind everything, all manifestation, and is represented as feminine.

Dakinis will often reveal themselves to a practitioner as a ‘reward’ for their dedication and as evidence of a certain level of attainment.

Dakinis are usually depicted naked as they represent the naked truth. Their ornaments and decoration have symbolic significance and play a magical role rather than one that supports vanity or worldly status and appearance. They live outside conventional reality and are unshackled by its restraints. They communicate with a secret ‘twilight language’ of gesture and glance and they speak ‘in tongues’ in their own special languages. The Dakini is understood in Tibetan Buddhism to be the protector of the yogic tradition of the subtle body, the energetic confluence of the psycho physical in human life.

As I studied the cycles of Yoginis that appear in the various Yogini Temples, it became clear that there was not one specific set of Yoginis, but a number of variations.

The Dakinis told me that as they are shapeshifters they can pour themselves into whatever form they chose. They said, ‘Find the forms most resonant with the transformation of our times’. I have looked through all cultures and times to sense which archetypes of feminine wisdom hold a global significance, which can serve to transmit the Goddess energies that the planet needs so dearly now. As this is a temple of initiation for the planet, I have taken a universal approach, incorporating the embodiments of Divine Feminine energy that have manifested throughout the world in different cultures, without being limited by tradition. Our Temple is non-sectarian, non-dogmatic, trans-cultural and multi-ethnic. There are also a series of Dakinis who personify energies particular to our times, as well as newly named harbingers of timeless elemental energies.
In this circle there has not been a distinction drawn between classes of Divine Beings. Goddesses, Dakinis, Yoginis, Elementals and Apsaras are all given a place in the circle, are all eligible as manifestations of the Divine Feminine. Circumstances of culture and society shape the way we view the Divine. In this circle of Dakinis, it is the essence principles that are sought to be portrayed, thereby providing the elements and their combinations as the basis of any self created reality. They are transmitters of human potential, self organizing entities, embodying maps for evolution. If the image of the Dakini is focused upon by the viewer, it is the energy of the Dakini herself that this visual form, this yantra of her being, is designed to communicate.

There are no imposed hierarchies as a divinatory system is self determining and self regulating. The Dakinis’ cycle of manifestation goes from total translucency (air) to total solidity (earth), from complete fluidity (water) to flickering vibrancy (fire). They come in all colors of the rainbow. The Dakinis are represented with various numbers of arms, from 2 to 32. Some are winged, and many take on animal qualities and the heads of various creatures in the pantheon. Some have tails. They may be made out of the earth itself, of rocks and stone, of water or flowers, fire or fur. They are ultra surreal super sensuous beings, ranging from the primeval and raw to the exquisitely refined, from the angelically pure to the dangerously sublime, from ladies of clouds to ladies of slime. Dakini skin takes on the luster of gold, the reflection of mercury, is adorned with moving tattoos, with twinkling stars…They can assume the adornments of various modes and cultures, from huge feather headdresses to halos or crowns, from airborne fabrics to body paint and mud.

Where recognized forms of the Goddess are incorporated into the Oracle, attention has been paid to honor those attributes and aspects associated with these Goddesses, their cosmology and symbolism. However, the translation of their energy fields has been updated, where appropriate, to suit the evolved form of their energies which they wish to project and embody to best serve our current times. Nothing is static in the Universe. Liberties have been taken to ‘take the best and leave the rest’, and generally it is the essence of the Goddess that is featured here, rather than any complexities of mythology which, although generally archetypal, may be more suited to the context in which they arose than the current global spiritual climate. The overall intention is to make deep spiritual truths available and accessible in a practical and dynamic way, to allow aspects of the Divine Feminine to interact with you in an ongoing, intimate relationship. I am not attempting to give any kind of comprehensive background on the Goddess archetypes that appear. I am instead selecting those aspects of their nature, iconography and mythology that feel important to touch upon. Anyone interested in finding out more about the history of these archetypes can easily do so. The Oracle is more about the direct experience of the energies.

The Goddess forms that are included tend to carry with them the collective ‘medicine bundle’ of other Goddesses whose names are not included, but whose important qualities are carried by those who are. These forms may come from different cultures and times.
The archetypes represent those frequencies, modes and potentials selected to catalyse
transformation of consciousness at this point in human evolution. They also provide the building blocks of a new reality based on principles of the Divine Feminine.

Although they appear in female form, the Dakinis are not to be seen as women as such. As embodiments of Shakti, the inner Goddess who lives within us all, male and female alike, they are not gender specific. We approach the vastness and ineffable nature of Divine awareness through lenses of sexual identity. In Hinduism, consciousness (Purusha) is seen as masculine and manifestation (Prakriti) is viewed as Feminine. In Tantra the fundamental principles are known as Shiva and Shakti. As we can observe that the whole dance of creation comes about and continues from the joining of opposites, from the union of a plus and minus, a male and female, a yin and yang, it makes sense to approach the infinite from a similar perspective. So whether you are male or female, the Dakini is not separate from your self.

Goddess Tantra

To serve our selves and our planet at this time we need to awaken the inner Goddess within us all. She wants to press our heart buttons and wake us up from this bad dream of separation we have imposed upon ourselves. The dream that made us forget that we are all part of everything and everything is part of us. That Mother Earth is a living breathing entity and we are part of her, and that she is connected to all the other conscious heavenly bodies in the Universe by a web of light and love. We have forgotten the knowledge that our spirits are eternal and that we can work with our spiritual selves and, while embodied, spirit and flesh are one. The Goddess does not want to be reborn to dominate the male principle in any way. She just wants to restore balance, equality and harmony, where male and female exist to compliment each other, at all levels of creation.

In our cycle we emphasize the Dakinis who embody the energies of the New Paradigm, the set of frequencies that define reality based on the heart centric values of the Goddess.
This is a Tantric Pantheon, meaning that it is inclusive rather than exclusive of spiritual paths and religions. Tantra as it has been emerging into Western consciousness has been relegated to the realm of sexuality and spiritual sex. Although this is a significant aspect of the Tantric path, this view is like looking at just a facet of an immense and magnificent jewel.

To set the record straight, Tantra is a spiritual path that includes all we do and are within its scope. It is a path of embodied spirituality. It says that everything can be an integral part of our spiritual practice. No taking advantage of people during the week under the rules of business then going to church on Sundays. Tantra does not put things in boxes - the bane of life - it is the truly wholistic, fully integrated spiritual path. It celebrates the body as our own personal temple and the world, the universe as an extension of the body of God/Goddess. It views the whole play of creation as the love dalliance of Shiva and Shakti (the male and female principles) and Tantrikas seek to live their lives in the state of bliss that engenders. Tantra sees this life, our current lifetime, as the opportunity to connect with and evolve our ever-living spirit. It seeks to weave reality out of the fabric of what really is, the wondrous blend of spiritual consciousness and matter into the tapestry of reality.
Tantra encourages potent evolutionary modes and actions, as long as you are prepared to handle the consequences. The tools to help you do that are all within the Tantric teachings.

Although Tantra had its origins in sects in India, it has the most potential of any spiritual path I have encountered to be the guiding force of a new wave of global spirituality. It does not discriminate for reasons of class, color, culture or creed.

Our temple represents Goddess Tantra, indicating that it is heart centric, for even the most superior of spiritual paths, if not centered in the clear seeing heart of compassion can be a path of power. It seeks to reflect that which is most suited to the querant, not enforce any form of dogma. The Goddess loves each for their individuality and uniqueness. She knows that there are as many different approaches to the Divine as there are waves within the sea. Each one is different, but they all belong to the ocean.

The Oracle System

The system that has been used to organize the Dakinis is based on an elemental codex. The Dakinis are all etheric beings, existing as they do in the Mindsky and in the ether of consciousness. As such they are disincarnate. To bring their energies into the plane of reality, the four elements of air, earth, water and fire are placed at the four cardinal points of the circle to represent the building blocks of all creation as we know it. As we are brining a sky mandala down to earth, the 4 elements are associated with the directions of north, south, east and west. The elements are combined in sequences of three. This system reflects the threefold nature of all life – creation, preservation, dissolution. It also relates to the trigrams which form the basis of the hexagrams of the great oracle system of the I Ching. Manifestation in general is a mixture of all four elements in its formation (air, earth, fire and water), except for the pure elements. The trigrams represent the first three elements in the longer sequence.  Each element has 16 permutations of combination with the other elements, making 64 trigrams in all. There is definitely some affinity with the I Ching, but whereas the I Ching is the Book of Changes, where one hexagram leads to another in the natural cycles of change, this system is about essence principles that represent standing waves of energy. These, although subject to the laws of nature, exist in essence outside time. Their frequencies can form the foundation of any new system. They are the cosmic signatures of beingness in its various aspects or manifestations.



There is a 65th Dakini who holds the central position in the circle. She represents the element of ether, the zero point. In the Yogini Temples of the Tantrics there was generally a shrine to the God Shiva in this position. As Lord of Transcendence, Shiva is sometimes represented as a pillar of fire, without top or bottom, infinite. The etheric Dakini of this cycle, this temple, is embodied as an extra-terrestrial being who serves as the energy hub for the system. (* See Etherica at end of this section).
The Temples of India were made of stone. Our temple is fashioned out of clouds and nebula, a living organism, situated high in the Mindsky, day and night cycle around it. It is veined with gold and liquid light flows through it as its arteries and veins, its system of circulation. Its transparent floor displays transforming holographic mandalas. It is a living, breathing entity in its own right, made of the plasma, the ectoplasm of consciousness. It is the Mothership of these transformational energies, which wants to find a foot in our dimension to deliver the wisdom of awakening.

Design of Oracle

The Oracle is designed to do more than provide information, prophecy or helpful tools for situation management and personal growth. It is a way to allow the questioner to gain direct access to Goddess energies and offers an on-going, living authentic relationship with spiritual guidance. It’s a system for helping you to hook up your own direct Goddess hotline.

Dakinis are wild, not domesticated. They ask you to let go of all your previously held concepts. Themes of transformation and metamorphosis are strong in the pantheon because Dakinis appear to help you wake up. This awakening process is one that often involves transformation. Old habits and ways of thinking often need to shift and break open. This process can sometimes take the form of a Shamanic death and rebirth, like a snake shedding its skin. The Dakinis are here to help you through, but it can sometimes feel like tough love.

The interaction with your Dakini may not be passive on your part. She is not here just to hand out predictions, her mission being to awaken and liberate, so she may ask you to look into issues about yourself. She may provoke thought and response rather than just answer questions. But if she is the Dakini that came to you, then, for this moment, she is yours, and what she has to say, what she touches or stimulates, is totally relevant to you at this moment or in your current situation.

It is recommended that you stay with the energy of the divined Dakini for a while, (e.g. a week or more) meditating with her image and working with the energy bundle you received from her.

However no restriction is placed upon the ways in which you may access the information encoded in this system and use it to enrich your life. You may wish to use aspects of what the Dakinis have to offer to help you in your daily life. In this instance you may find a quick consultation in which you refer mainly to the ‘Divination’ section for a few ‘pointers’ very useful.

The reading for each Dakini is divided into sections for convenience.

The name of the Dakini in the pantheon is given, with her number on the wheel. This is followed by her Elemental Signature – her trigram of elements- and their encoded symbol.
A brief explanation of why these elements are attributed to the Dakini is given.

  1. Who Is Dakini # --?

In this section the relevant history and essence of the Dakini is described briefly.

  1.  Location/Sphere of Influence

Dakinis traditionally relate to geographical areas or regions. As our system is a global one, this section indicates the energy fields and/or terrain and natural phenomena that each Dakini has as her special sphere of influence. Traditionally Dakinis do not represent nature (although associated often with geographical areas), but with phenomena’s emptiness. The portals are the subtle or etheric field of manifest phenomena, which echo the subtle aspects that the Dakinis represent, essence principles that convey the spirit of a place, that which endures beyond the physical manifestation; its cosmic signature in eternity.

  1.  Allies

The creatures or elements that have affinity with this Dakini and her portal. These can act for you as Medicine Animals, Elementals or Totems.

  1. Nature & Description of Dakini

Here the qualities of the Dakini are further explored, along with how she is depicted in the oracle. The attributes of the Dakini and their symbolism are discussed, and her realm described.

5.    Divinatory Meaning

This section translates how the energy of the particular Dakini applies to you and your situation and to any question you may have posed the oracle. This section brings things into focus on a material plane. Not all that is covered here may apply. The Dakini holds up the mirror of possibilities that spring from this configuration. It is up to you to recognize which are yours to work with.

There are generally a range of facets to each Dakini’s jewel. It is up to you to recognize which have particular significance to you at this time. This is part of the interactive process the Oracle offers. Sometimes what she has to say may seem paradoxical, but in the world of Dakini, the truth is often hidden in paradox. What may appear as opposite is often but two sides of a single coin.

The insights offered in ‘Divinatory Meaning’ range from practical to mystical, from geographical affinities to psychological propensities.

Apply as applicable. The transmissions of the Dakinis are private and personal. Only you can identify those aspects that are yours to work with in the mirror she holds up.
Phrases may appear enigmatic. If the meaning is not immediately apparent, please take the time to let it percolate through your consciousness. Dakinis do communicate in ‘twilight language’ after all….

6. Indications

This section highlights things that you may want to be particularly aware of or pay special attention to.

7. Practices

These are that which the Dakini requests of you. They may be simple action memos, visualizations or meditations.

Where you are asked to do something by the Dakini that is not physically possible for you – like dancing or making a video of yourself - you can perform the requests in your mind, visualized in your consciousness.

You may find some of the directives strange and unusual, especially if you are a man and gender roles that have been socially defined make it challenging to dissolve this gender defined identity. You may find it just about impossible at first to imagine yourself as the Dakini, a female embodiment, let alone act this out, even if in the privacy of your own room, behind closed doors. If that is the case, the fall back position is always to visualize the Dakini doing those things before you – just for you.

In traditional forms of meditation and visualization, the point of view varies according to the practice as well as the stage of the practice. Often the mediator will visualize the Dakini before them, with all her attributes and in all her glory. Then he/she will become one with her, become the Dakini themselves. You become the Dakini and view and experience through her eyes. This is in accordance with Dakini esoteric practice where the practitioner does not view the Dakini as a manifestation outside of themselves, but consciously becomes one with the Dakini principle herself. This is in alignment with the intention of the oracle as a vehicle for maximizing human potential. In this way the user owns the energy, and does not see themselves as separate from it. This is the direct method for overcoming subject/object duality and transmuting the practitioner’s emotional obscurations and thoughts into co-emergent wisdom.

The practices are focused not only on your inner transformation and your relationship to the Dakini, but how the application of your conscious compassion can impact your relationship with others, the world around you and collective consciousness on the spiritual and material planes.

8. Dakini Transmissions

A special message from the Dakini, in the form of rhyming or non-rhyming verse.

9. Affirmations

Power phrases/affirmations, the Dakini has given you to repeat to yourself, silently or aloud.

This section marks the end of the Dakini’s divinatory reading.

 The Practices indicated in the readings are not compulsory, but it is highly recommended that the questioner try to comply with what the Dakini requests. In traditional practice, those seeking boons or blessings from the Dakinis/Yoginis would try to please them by making suitable offerings. These Practices represent what you are to do, what offerings you are to make, in order to receive the boons of the Dakini in question. The Dakins require an element of participation from the querant in order to bestow their energies fully. In sacred temples aspirants generally have to go through some kind of initiation, pass some test, before they even gain admittance. Yogis and sadhus meditate for years to catch a glimpse of the magical and powerful Dakini. We have made these secret esoteric spiritual manifestations available in these times, which require speedy evolution, so we have circumvented these traditional procedures, believing that the Oracle system is in itself a safeguard against the wrong use of power.  However, to really benefit from the essence these celestial beings bring, you are advised to take notice and do what is asked of you. You must be eligible for an empowerment or they are not allowed to give it. That is how it works.

Whatever the amount of commitment you make to the process, the energy you put into it will probably be equivalent to what you get out of it. But then again, you never know, Dakinis have the ability to bestow grace and wild inexplicable gifts on those they favor…Please do not feel limited to the practices recommended. As you establish your own relationship with a Dakini, she may communicate directly with you and make requests or offer guidance beyond the scope of these words. Please accept this grace willingly, as the intention of the oracle is to open portals to pools of infinite potential.

Wisdom Portals

The whole purpose of any spiritual insight is to be able to integrate what you have seen or understood into the fabric of your life. This is the purpose of ‘tasks’, to give the user specific ‘karma yoga’ or other activities in order to bring the wisdom of the portals into their way of interacting with the world and the quality of one’s daily existence. Wisdom is seen here as an attribute to inspire right action.

The method by which the Dakini images were manifested (described below) presents a template, by example, of how to approach the oracle. The ‘Trio-feedback’ loop, as described in the creation process, applies to the way in which the Dakinis of the Oracle interact with the querant.

The portals of the Dakini Temple provide access to the energy fields of the Dakinis, fields which are rich with a certain aspect of the full spectrum of potential. The querent enters into a relationship with this energy when they receive their Dakini. Through interacting with this energy, this Shakti, users have an opportunity to establish an on-going relationship with their own evolutionary tendencies. They extend this bio-feedback loop they have established with the Dakini into an on-going trio-feedback loop, bringing that energy, that wisdom, into their interactions with others and the world around them as an offering to the Dakini and to the Self.

The images of the Dakinis are snapshots of their cosmograms, glimpses into their world which encapsulates their essence. As such they have the ability to act upon the viewer, much in the way of religious icons of old. These were not considered idols, but doorways to the Divine. It is a question of intention. When a painter in the tradition of Tibet or Nepalese spiritual art, for example, creates a Thanka painting (sacred art on cloth), they imbue every brushstroke with the mantra (spiritual power phrase) dedicated to the form of the Divinity they are painting. In this way the whole process is taken beyond the personal to the superpersonal.

The way in which the images for this oracle were manifested is our tribute to this approach and is an expression of its principles.

Creation Process

The Oracle uses real women as the vehicles of the Dakini energies. Because the whole work focuses on the serious intention of making etheric energies available and accessible, the personalities of the individuals photographed are not the subject here.

Modern society suffers from the cult of personality, putting pop, movie and sports stars up on pedestals, only to enjoy finding their feet of clay. We need examples of evolved human qualities on which to model ourselves. That is the real role of the guru or teacher, to model qualities in their being that the student or seeker can aspire to and look to find in themselves.

Although we have used flesh and blood women to embody these energies, the intention was set to ensure that each woman serve as a vehicle for the particular qualities of the Dakini, not for their individual personality traits.

Each woman was chosen for her qualities that have natural resonance and affinity with the nature of the Dakini they represent. However the fact that the women have been able to transcend their own limitations and become vehicles for Divine frequencies is, in itself, proof of concept that the Goddess is available to everyone. This system is a dynamic means by which to access these Goddess energies directly. It is a temple, a spiritual interface, but without the trappings of religion, which tend to separate the seeker from the Divine and put priests and other intermediaries and formalities between you and your direct connection.

Each shoot was conducted as a sacred ritual. At the commencement of the shoot we started with a prayer and invocation/evocation, requesting the Dakini in question to inhabit the offering we have fashioned to the majesty of Who She Is. We offered our bodies, speech and minds to her and asked her to use our humble vessel as her vehicle, which we had done our best to prepare to her liking. We asked her to accept our offering and find it worthy of her blessing, her presence and her grace, that we may share it for the good of all.

This art is my Sadhana, my spiritual practice. It is my way of connecting with the Divine and it is my deepest hope that the Dakinis will provide connection for you too.

The process by which the images were created is reminiscent of the way in which art is an integral part of tribal and ritualistic societies. The elements required for the costume and props were collected, styled and created to serve their role of bringing the participants closer to the Divine Beings with whom we seek to connect through our ceremony. The Dakini will recognize them as being familiar to her. Through this resonance she will be attracted and will want to be involved with our sacred art offering. This reflects the creation of art- the masks, the totems, the costumes- to be used in rituals invoking the spirits and the gods in tribal ceremonial culture.

As far as I am concerned, this approach is key to the work. Whereas certain magical practices bind spirits and other entities to their service, the nature of Goddess spirituality is that we invite the Celestial Beings into the work. We make our offering as attractive as possible, providing things we know the particular Dakini likes, so that she wants to be involved by her own free choice. The Goddess has given us freedom of choice. Any time we use coercion of any kind, the results of this will come back to us sooner or later, so even if it looks good at the time, there really is no point in doing anything that is not entered into freely and because it makes sense for all involved. This is the guideline used in personal relations, business and in how we relate to the world of spiritual entities.

In this case, as the mission statement of Dakinis is to awaken and liberate all sentient beings, my sense is that it is the Dakinis themselves who have initiated and guide this project. I feel blessed beyond words that they chose me to be their main facilitator.
It has been a wild ride, but I can’t think of anything I would rather do. So many miracles have graced the process, as well as all the challenges. It is a major Vision Quest.

This way of manifesting goes beyond co-operation to being more of a Trio-Feedback loop. There is the one who holds the space (myself), the chosen vessel (model) and the Dakini herself. The process of transformation, preparing for the shoot as the model becomes the Dakini, usually takes place on over the course of several hours.

Conscious Evolution

Our consciousness is very powerful. The majority of us must have had some experience in our lives which proves the power of prayer, or that what we wish for we can manifest? However the conventional trappings of religion may not appeal to many in the current phase of human evolution. This system is designed to help you focus your consciousness and intent in specific ways. There are no specific outcomes as the Dakini works with each being on a personal basis. We all have our own paths, dictated by all the factors that make up the complexity of a human soul. But there are common factors that link us all, shared hopes and fears, wounds and remedies, sorrows and joys. Happiness can be defined as a feeling of infinite potential, as a sense that doors can just keep opening. We have all experienced the opposite of this at some times in our lives, where we are unhappy because there seems to be no possibility in the situation, that all the doors seem closed or closing. So happiness is connected with feeling that we can live out our full potential, and this is what the Dakinis are all about, while living it out in a way that feeds and nurtures our eternal spirit.

In participating with the Dakinis in this dance of human evolution, we hope that you will receive direct experience of consciousness in action and see how what happens in the Mindsky can directly or indirectly impact the physical world, the material plane of existence. The Dakinis do have the ability to manifest in the physical dimension, which is one of their special features in the realm of spiritual and Divine beings. They can bring through a myriad of miracles if you are open to receive them and are willing to acknowledge and appreciate them. They are not able to give you more until what has already been given is recognized.

Material reality entrances us with its matrix and we forget that consciousness creates all form. Looking at ‘Primitive’ societies can provide a good model in this respect. Vision quests were made to communicate with the spirit guides and the ancestors and worldly decisions were predicated on the information received on these journeys. Thus the ‘Heavenly and Earthly Net’ was kept intact with spiritual principles guiding earthly actions.

 If we place ourselves in the center of our mandala of self creation, we can begin to see that the wheel that Maya (the play of illusion) spins in a constant act of co-creation. We work with her to spin the fabric of our destiny, whether we are conscious of it or not. The more consciousness we bring to the matter, the more we can help her optimize the game. One of the secrets is, once you are committed to this path, to have faith that you will always receive what you need, even if it may not look exactly like what you thought you wanted. Another secret is in doing one’s best at all times. How could you ask anything less of yourself? And not to blame yourself for what you did in the past, knowing that your ‘best’ varies according to how aware you are. So if you are aware enough now to look back and see that something in the past is not the choice you would make now looking back on it, this indicates your present personal growth. Learn from these mistakes and try not to repeat them, even when they come in slightly different guises. That is the wisdom of experience. Sometimes we have to go through something to understand the repercussions for ourselves. However once you honestly can say you have given your best, then you can surrender to the Goddess to take care of the rest. Thirdly, if you are in tune in this way with the Divine plan for your unfolding destiny, then the things that are yours to experience and go through are in accord with the optimal unfolding of the big picture, the good of all. This is the dynamic, on-going relationship with spirit that is at the core of this transmission.

People often ask why the veils between the dimensions are so impenetrable, why it is so hard to see through to the other side. While we make divisions and create separation between the families of beings that co-exist on this planet, how can we hope to dissolve the veils that separate us from beings who exist in different forms of incarnation or are disincarnate? Our pantheon includes beings of all races and colors. Not just the colors of human skin, but Dakinis of red, blue and green, of silver and gold and rainbow iridescence all grace our circle. Not only the animals, fish and birds, but also the elements of nature, right down to the smallest molecule and grain of sand are all honored as part of this hologram, part of this family. The sun, moon and stars are there too, seen as part and parcel of the beingness that we, as living beings, are part and parcel of. Once we connect the dots in this cosmic web of our own beings, and encourage resonance with a team of celestial beings called the 64 Dakinis, we have a chance to thin the veils.

Is there a spiritual dimension? Is there existence after the death of the body? Because we have nothing to prove of its existence, skeptics say there is nothing beyond death. However, we have nothing to disprove it either. People are progressively becoming more open to the idea that our consciousness, our state of mind, does have some bearing on the reality we manifest. If we consider for a moment that our consciousness may extend
beyond the limitations of the physical body, if there is indeed a life beyond this life, and that what we hold in consciousness will be the realms we are attracted to, then why not map out some realms as potential realities? If we do this while still alive, we will have places to visit when we leave the body, and familiar Dakinis to help us through.

We need some new ways to give ourselves healthy spiritual connection.  Why not get away from all the dogma of religion and go with the non-sectarian, non-partisan, all-inclusive Goddess formula, where flesh and spirit are one, where there is no hierarchy, just a cycle of energies embodied as exotic Dakinis?

These are the 64 Gates of Wisdom, arising out of the Source of Phenomena – the ‘EVAM’, the Cosmic Cervix, Absolute Space. This is the place of unlimited potential, the home of the Secrtet Dakini, the Great Goddess. Her three aspects are unborn, non-dwelling and unceasing.

My wish is that you will be gifted through this series of portals with all you need to become all that you truly are. All the Dakinis are you.

‘God loves all equally, but the Goddess loves each for their uniqueness’.
Dr Christopher Hills

                         ETHERICA                                          Ether (center - above/space)

Who is Etherica?

Etherica is the only Dakini who represents the element of Ether. She is situated at the center of the circle, at the zero point.

Nature & Description of Dakini

Etherica is the extra terrestrial Dakini. She is the central hub of the wheel. In the 64 Yogini temples of India, a shrine to the Hindu Lord Shiva often is in this position. Shiva here represents pure consciousness. He is sometimes envisioned as a pillar of fire, divine inspiration, which has not top or bottom, no beginning or end.
Etherica is an opalescent being. She has the sun as her solar plexus, energy center, and is the center of her own solar system, manifesting in the ‘Mothership’ of the 64 Dakinis. The planets of our solar system encircle her head, like colored orbs. Stars are birthed at her feet. Golden threads extend from her, connecting her to the stars and planets above, and the portals of the temple below. The portals of the temple also relate to and are connected to 64 sacred sites and energy systems of the planet. This is to allow for a ‘light acupuncture’ to occur once the system is fully activated, connecting with the consciousness of the heavenly bodies, to fire up the grid of the planet. Being conducted through the circle of feminine energies allows the earth’s magnetic field to be charged and rebalanced.

Location/Sphere of Influence

The Universe


The Great Goddess. All Dakinis.

Dakini Transmission

The etheric frequency
Comes through me
I am the mothership of destiny
Programmed for your efficiency
In cosmic interdependency
Where your next evolution will be


I am hooked up
To the Cosmic Mother
Through her celestial ambassadors

How to Use a Pendulum